For Everything There is A Season

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I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the beginning of a good year. I haven’t posted for a few weeks because my mother suffered a massive stroke and heart attack. She passed away after being in hospice for a week and went home on Christmas Eve afternoon. The family that was here took Christmas day to just remember our Lord and Savior and why he came. I’m trying to get things going for the new year, but am not going very fast.

I’ll be posting, but may be irregular for a few more weeks. I want to give my blog followers something of value and hope you will hang in there with me while I get back on my feet and writing and posting regularly. Keep on writing. Set some goals for yourself. My critique group met last night for the first time this year and we talked over our writing goals. My publisher wants three more New Testament Women books this year. One member plans to write a chapter a week on his novel in progress. Another has a similar goal of writing every week. One other member wants to polish her novel and pitch it to a publisher and complete a manuscript for another novel this year. Our fifth member wants to complete a business book he is writing and then continue with his novel in progress.

I encourage you to set goals and share them with me and those who read this blog. It is good to encourage each other to meet our goals and work through the writing process together.

Author: diannegsagan

Dianne G. Sagan has written over 25 books and more than 300 articles in her 20 years as a ghostwriter and published her own work traditionally and indie. She writes fiction and nonfiction. She's an experienced speaker at writers' conferences in the region and an experienced facilitator for writers classes and workshops.

One thought on “For Everything There is A Season

  1. Dianne, prayers will continue for you and your family as you adjust to life without your mom in it – and I pray that the happy memories you carry in your heart will comfort you on the saddest days of grief and will encourage you to look forward to the wonderful eternity God has planned for all of us one day.

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