Begin Again.

Stories are the siren’s call of the writer. She can’t ignore them forever. When following another path, she must return to answer the cry. The tale refuses to release her until it is told.

The characters held without release chafe at their bonds and the teller of tales lies sleepless through the night. Only taking up the pen will relieve this torture that grieves both teller and told.

Nancy Drew Turns 85!

(copied from post on Facebook by “A Mighty Girl”) I just had to share this with you. I read and loved Nancy Drew as a girl and so did my daughters.   Happy 85th birthday to Nancy Drew! The first volume in the long-running girl detective series, “The Secret of the Old Clock,” was published … Continue reading

Z is for Zealotry

In the first century the Zealots were those who fought outwardly against Rome. They tried to start revolutions to overthrow their oppressors, and the usual result was that they were crushed and the survivors crucified. About the time Jesus was a boy the Zealots staged an uprising, and the history resources I’ve used say the … Continue reading

Y is for Yahweh

Let me start with a little historical background. If you were to step back in time and travel across the Roman Empire in the first century then you would find an empire that ruled over many cultures. Even though most Jews lived in Palestine, some Jewish settlements were scattered around the the Mediterranean from the … Continue reading

X is for Xerxes

What does the Babylonian King Xerxes, husband of Esther, have to do with first-century historical novellas? The kings, or wise men, who visited Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus were from the East. Resources say that at least one of them was from Babylon. If you remember the story of Esther then you know that … Continue reading


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