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Published: April 2014The Hybrid Author


ISBN-13:  978-1497595019

ISBN-10:  1497595010

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The Hybrid Author defines what everyone in the publishing industry – traditional and self-published – has struggled to put a label on. With a publishing industry in constant change, authors find themselves trying to make decisions about whether or not to self-publish or traditionally publish. Mrs. Sagan’s book explains what a hybrid author is, what options are available, and how to decide what path to take in this ground breaking book. It includes interviews with C. J. Lyons, J. A. Konrath, Hugh C. Howey, Marie Force, Barbara Morgenroth, Jennifer Archer, and Travis Erwin.

Hybrid Companion Journal cover - THUMBNAIL_IMAGE The Hybrid Author Companion Journal, Published May 2014

  • ISBN-10: 1499693850
  • ISBN-13: 978-1499693850

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This companion resource to The Hybrid Author provides a tool for you to use as a personal publishing guide for your research and for your professional development. Practical and with inspirational quotes, it’s a time-saving “next step” in your writing career. Laid out simply and from a writer’s point of view, you’ll want to keep this journal at your fingertips.


Tools and Tips cover

Tools and Tips 1st edition, Published 2010

ISBN-10: 1466382120

ISBN-13: 978-1466382121

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A writer’s resource you’ll return to again and again. Practical, proven tools for managing your writing career. Valuable yet simple tips to improve your writing. Insider information at your finger tips. Used by parents for home schoolers as a resource for their writing curriculum.

An updated, 2nd edition coming 2014.


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