Rebekah Redeemed coverBest Seller, Rebekah Redeemed, by Dianne G. Sagan (ISBN: 978-1-1523793235)

Book 1, Women of the Bible series – Five Star Reviews

Kindle and Print – New Testament Women

Synopsis: Orphaned Rebekah becomes a servant in her uncle’s house in Bethany. Traded from relative to relative, she suffers neglect and abuse. When a Roman soldier assaults her, she flees in fear of her life and hides. Rebekah is discovered and Lazarus becomes her kinsman redeemer. Can Jesus redeem her soul? Can she forgive or break the chains of her past?


The Fisherman's Wife coverBest Seller, The Fisherman’s Wife , Dianne G. Sagan (ISBN: 978-1523959532)

Book 2, Women of the Bible series – Five Star Reviews

Kindle and Print – New Testament Women

Synopsis: Johanna marries the man she has loved since they were both children, but it doesn’t turn out quit like she’d dreamed. Her husband Simon works hard at his fishing business on the Sea of Galilee. Johanna established her home, but struggles at giving Simon the children they both want. Her society shames her. They live in a world ruled by Rome and filled with rumors, rebellion, and messiahs. When a new rabbi arrives and calls Simon to follow him, she is left alone and must choose what to believe.
Miriam's Room cover 
Miriam’s RoomDianne G. Sagan (ISBN: 978-1530024162)
Nominated for Small Christian Publishers’ Historical Fiction Book of the Year 2015 
Book 3, Women of the Bible series

Kindle and Print – New Testament Women

Discussion questions for Book Clubs and groups included in the back of the book.

Synopsis:Once again, #1 Amazon Bestselling author, Dianne G. Sagan weaves a story from 1st century Israel. If you like Davis Bunn, you’ll love this story of the wife of a wealthy copper trader and community leader in Jerusalem, mother of John Mark, Miriam faces a society in which she must hide her strength and knowledge in the sanctuary of her upper room. In the world outside she fights not only her emotions but also the influence of a young Zealot who wants to claim her son for his cause against Rome. In Miriam’s determination to save John Mark from himself, will she drive her son away? And how can this new Rabbi open her eyes and restore her broken heart?


Mary's Exile coverMary’s Exile, Dianne G. Sagan

(ISBN: 978-1530025183

 Book 4, Women of the Bible series

Kindle and Print – New Testament Women

Synopsis:  Jesus was just a child when King Herod issued the order. “All male children not yet two years of age are to be put to death!”

This is the exciting story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus and their dangerous flight to escape Herod’s decree. Based on extensive research, “Mary’s Exile” describes one of the least known episodes in the life of Christ in a plausible and compelling narrative style.

Return to the Messiah’s childhood and relive the perilous journey that saved Him for the world.



The Christmas Coach cover

The Christmas Coach, Dianne G. Sagan

ISBN: 978- 1522728309

Kindle or Print

Enjoy the humor and warmth of the season with best-selling author, Dianne G. Sagan for a Texas size Christmas.

Finding all flights booked for the holidays, Martha Sue Kelley sets off on a bus headed for a family Christmas and lands in the biggest blizzard to hit her region in a hundred years.

Surrounded by a tapestry of unforgettable personalities, Martha Sue finds herself in her first-ever role as lifeguard, midwife and merchant of hope to her fellow travelers as they struggle to survive the trip and find the true gifts of Christmas.

West Texas Christmas recipes included in the back of the book. Guaranteed to become your family favorites, too.

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