I’m not scheduling any in person events until at least May 2021 depending on the pandemic.

Our world has transformed in 2020. Covid19 has us sheltered at home and safely distanced in public. Events are cancelled or carried out online.

Writing political nonfiction took me away from my fiction career for the past three years. I took the reins as Campaign Manager of my husband’s U.S. House of Representatives run. It’s been quite a ride. The people we met in our 40,000 square mile Texas district are amazing.

Now, I’m looking at publishing in a fractured world fighting against a pandemic. Zoom and Skype connect us with friends, family, writers, and readers via the internet.

It reminds me of my grandmother’s stories about the 1918-19 Flu pandemic. She was pregnant with my Dad. Hospitals overflowed with flu patients. Dad was born in my great-grandmother’s home. What a frightening experience.

Communications were difficult a hundred years ago. They had letters. Not everyone had a telephone. The telegraph could send messages, but the news spread mostly mouth-to-mouth.

One day we’ll look back remembering how we did as individuals, families, communities, and a nation. I pray that we learn people are more important than money, power, and ego. God bless you all.

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