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If you’re like I am, it took you a while to get involved in social media and I’m still learning about how to use it for book marketing. One of my goals for marketing: Use Twitter to develop relationships with my possible readers.

Taking advantage of Twitter: (my personal goals)

  •             Schedule posts in advance
  •             Put a share button on your blog so it can be ReTweeted
  •             Most people spend time on Twitter between 10:00am and 2:00pm. (I calculate the time span for the United States, but in truth it is between     those hours somewhere in the world.
  •             You can repeat announcements for seminars, webinars, conferences, and book releases periodically as long as you don’t harass your        followers.

These are only a few suggestions. Adding one thing  at a time makes it easier. Good luck with your book promotions!

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Most of you have probably attended or listened to a teleseminar or webinar. Last evening while listening to another session of the online Book Marketing conference, I realized that this is something I could do. It sounds and feels intimidating but it is doable. It focused on using Instant Teleseminar. There are probably other website who offer the same type of services. This post isn’t necessarily a recommendation or testimonial on their behalf, I just found it very interesting and seems user friendly. They offer a 21-day trial period for $1.00 and then have several choices of packages depending on how many people would be calling in or listening in to your webinar. There is a monthly charge after the trial period ends.

You can use power point slides and then record commentary to go with it. They refer you to transcription services if you want a copy of the seminar in a document for clients later. You can set up a practice interview call with a colleague or fellow writer, and then embed the video or audio on your blog or website. The tool bar seems pretty user friendly. I’m seriously thinking about doing one with the free trial to see how it works and what the results are. Since webinars are becoming more popular and people are using them to teach classes on writing or hold book discussions, I think it is something to add to our tool box. You set it up and record it once and then can re-use it for as long as you want. Short term time investment for long term results. Win-win for everyone.

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Kindle and E-books

Anyone involved in writing or the publishing industry is well aware of the rise in E-books sold. If you don’t get the Publishers Weekly free newsletters, then I’d recommend them to you. Over 13 million iPads were sold in the last half of 2010 and E-book sales are up 158% according to some sources I’ve read recently.

If we’re not on board, then the train is going to pass us by. One of my goals for this year is to become a part of that change to a greater extent. My publisher, Buoy Up Press, editor Dan Case put Rebekah Redeemed and The Fisherman’s Wife on Kindle and Nook for the Christmas shopping season.

Joan and Steve Neubauer of WordWright.biz, Inc. Publishing, are getting my women’s fiction book, Shelter from the Storm, ready for re-release in the early Spring on Kindle.

Amazon has directions available for authors who want to go directly to publishing their works on Kindle. Read discussions in online writing groups for experiences of others and their tips. I know that Amazon converts your document from html to their formating software much better than if you try sending it in MSWord or PDF.

Check our the upcoming free online conference for free and upgraded members of savvywriters.com . In February, they’re offering this online conference focused on E-books, publishing them successfully, and changes in the publishing world. Even if you don’t write romance, I think the information about changing from only print books to a combination of both electronic readers and print books is valuable to any writer. (Note: This site is for 18 years and older because some of the books have adult content.) Watch for other conferences or webinars that can help us with the transitioning to electronic books. I’ll pass on links as I come across them. I’d love to hear about conferences or webinars from you. Feel free to post them in a comment.

I’m also reading and learning as much as I can about preparing manuscripts for E-books so they can be on Kindle, Nook, and other readers or downloaded from my own website Dianne G Sagan – Author . Right now, I’m working toward’s having Free downloadable discussions for book clubs or groups to use for Rebekah Redeemed and The Fisherman’s Wife.