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Davis Bunn – Always a Great Read

If you’ve never read any of his books, then I suggest you give his books a try. I highly recommend his books. His website profile says “An internationally-acclaimed author who has sold more than six million books in sixteen languages, Davis is equal parts writer, scholar, teacher, and sportsman.”

Bunn and Janette Oke have written several books together including the Acts of Faith series.

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These are among my favorites, but Davis Bunn has written many other as well and continues to write great reads. Book of Dreams released in October 2011 is a great contemporary read. Book of DreamsThe back cover blurb can’t be beat for getting your attention “For Dr. Elena Burroughs, life is divided into two chapters—before and after the death of her husband. Today marks the point that her span of being a wife is equal to her span of being a widow. Even her success as a psychologist and her worldwide acclaim for a book on the interpretation of dreams is dimmed by an unspoken If only. Then a new patient arrives, one so private only her first name is given. Impeccably dressed and escorted by two bodyguards, Sandra recounts a frightening series of recurrent nightmares. …”


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Book Recommendations for Readers

For Readers:

If you’ve never read a book written by the wonderful collaboration of Davis Bunn and Janette Oke, then you’re in for a treat. The first book in their “Acts of Faith” series came out in 2009, The Centurion’s Wife. Well researched and written, you will find yourself in 1st century Galilee and Judea. You’ll feel entwined in the lives of Leah, who is from a wealthy Roman family fallen on hard times, and Alban, a Roman soldier who is on his way to power and position. Their paths cross and when a rabbi is crucified and the body disappears, life changes. They find themselves searching for answers. It is a great read.

Book 2 in the series, The Hidden Flame is set in a Jerusalem that is torn apart in the aftermath of Jesus’ crucification and proclaimed resurrection. Both the Roman’s and the Jewish Temple leaders want to stamp out this new religion. Abigail is caught in the middle and pursued by two suitors – one Roman and one Hebrew. It is a great story of courage and faith that I would recommend.

The final book in the series, The Damascus Way, tells the story of a young girl, Julia, who has a Greek father and Hebrew mother. He is a wealthy merchant with another family. Julia turns to the new faith growing around her and becomes a messenger between believers as the persecution of believers intensifies. In her travels, she finds out her brother Jacob is also a believer and messenger but outwardly works as a caravan guard for his father. What will happen to them? Can they learn to trust each other?