My Guest – Virginia S. Grenier – What a Talented Author and Editor

I am so delighted to have Virginia visiting my blog this week. She is a talented children’s author and the founder and editor-in-chief of Stories For Children Magazine (ezine). Her awards include: was voted one of the Top Ten Editors in the Preditors and Editors Reader Poll 2007 & 2008. Her works include the Best of Stories for Children Magazine Volume 1 anthology and over 30 short stories, articles, and crafts for children along with newsletter articles for writers. She also won second place for her article, “Yes, Virginia, There IS a Santa Claus” in the Preditors and Editors Reader Poll 2007 for Best Nonfiction of 2007 and won 7th place for her article, “Dinosaurs Tracks in My Backyard” in the Preditors and Editors Reader Poll 2008 for Best Nonfiction of 2008.

Wow! That is great, Virginia. How can people contact you.

I can be reached at: VSGrenier@storiesforchildrenmagazine.org and invite people to visit my website, too, at Children and Teen Author http://vsgrenier.com.

Virginia you are involved in Musing our Children. Can you tell us what this is and a little about it?


Musing Our Children is about sharing what we care about in the way of ideas and values with children. After all, one idea can change the world if everyone chooses to stand behind it. One idea can make our world a better place and enhance the lives of children everywhere! The goals of Musing Our Children: to reach around the globe visiting schools and to offer free handouts and information to everyone who would like to be involved in helping children and parents understand the value of reading and writing.

Each year during Reading and Writing Appreciation Week, Writers and Illustrators will be setting appointments to read and/or talk to students about what it means to be a writer or illustrator from the elementary to high school levels. This year it will be May 4th – 8th, 2009.

Thanks for being with me today, and I look forward to visiting with you again next Monday, May 4th.