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Can a Writer Quit Their Day Job?

Most of us have a day job that pays the bills and then we write as our second job. All of us have the dream – our book makes the New York Times Bestseller list and we make tons of money and quit that day job. There are actually very few authors who can do that. If all you depend on is a best seller to make your dream come true, then you may want to rethink your plan. Since most of us won’t realize millions from a breakout book, we need to develop multiple sources for income that are related to our writing.

Consider developing some of the following:

1. magazine articles – online or print

2. write articles for Article Banks – top 10 on some lists are:


3. Participate in anthologies

4. Books

5. eBooks

6. Speaking and presenting to writers groups and conferences

7. Teaching writing classes

8. Blogs

9. Newsletters

10. Websites

You don’t have to do all of them at once, but you can decide which ones are your priority and add others over time. Then, you can plan to quit your day job one of these days. Be persistent and keep on working at your craft. I’m sure there are additional resources for income not listed here but this will get you started.


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New Year’s Goals

In a discussion about New Year’s resolutions, I challenged people in one of my online groups to post goals for 2009.

1. Publish my novel by the end of the year, working title “Escape.”

2. Gain expert status on at least one article bank site.

3. Sell 20,000 copies of Rebekah Redeemed this year.

4. Continue ghostwriting and write at least two Legacy projects.

5. Expand speaking career for writer’s groups and presenter at writing conferences to at least five this year.

6. Write and publishe novella, “The Fisherman’s Life”