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Rebekah Redeemed Excerpt

Available in print, Kindle, and Nook.

Purchase at “Rebekah Redeemed”


Benjamin sized up the little girl. A flicker of recognition in the older man’s eyes quickly turned to ice. Stepping closer he reached down to the child and she pulled away. “Look at me, child,” he commanded with a little less animosity in his voice.

Rebekah lifted her chin and looked into her uncle’s brown, lined face. He pushed the shawl off her stringy brown hair, and for a moment the lines in his face softened and his eyes showed compassion. “You look like your mother,” he mumbled to himself. Then he stood back, cleared his throat and narrowed his eyes once more.

“You want me to take her in, is that it?”

“Yes. We have little and cannot take her as our own.”

“What is in it for my wife and me?”

“She is strong and a good worker. She is good with lambs. She can help with cooking and drawing water. I know she looks small, but she is strong and obedient. She could be a useful addition to your household. A daughter is not like having a son, but they can work.” Caleb tried to sell the idea to the shopkeeper.

“Well,” he sized up the child and scratched his bearded chin. “She could help my wife.” He stood in silence, strolled out into the street, and looked up and down at his friends and neighbors. Then, turning on his heel, he walked back to Caleb and said without emotion, “You asked around the village for me? Others know of the child?”

“We asked people so we could find you.”

With one more glance up and down the street, Benjamin saw the rabbi walking toward them. “The Torah does say that we are to care for orphans and widows. She is my dead sister’s child, no matter what else happened between us. I will take her in, but not as a member of my family.”

“Shalom. May you…”

Benjamin reached for the girl. He interrupted Caleb, “I will not pay you for her. Go back where you came from. I take her because it is my duty under the Law of Moses.”

Caleb turned to go. Benjamin pushed Rebekah toward the back of the shop. She looked over her shoulder at her father’s friend for the last time.

“Come. You must meet your mistress. You have taken up enough time. I have a business to run and customers to serve.” He spoke as if he were an important man.

Rebekah stepped through the door into a small courtyard and into a new life. She prayed silently that it would get no worse.


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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All

This is Christmas week and my favorite time of the year. I love the music, the Christmas movies, and getting together with friends and family. Most of all I love celebrating the birth of Jesus and what that means to me and others.

Christmas Tree

2009 has been an amazing year of book releases under my own name – Rebekah Redeemed, Shelter from the Storm, and participating in the anthology Flash Tales: An Adventure in Words. One of the books I ghosted became a best seller in Canada.

I’m hoping that everyone will have a wonderful 2010.


Watch for the Spirit of Christmas Catalog

I know that some people may already have their Christmas or holiday shopping completed. I’m not one of those. When my children were small, I used to collect small gifts from the starting in August and accumulate them until it was time to wrap and put them under our Christmas tree. However, as they have gotten older (now all adults) I don’t do that any more.

I am excited to tell you about the Spirit of Christmas Catalog that is coming out to help all of you do some shopping from home. There will be books, videos, and music. There may also be other gift items. I’m excited to be included in it myself and at the same time anxious to see all the things that everyone else is submitting. My books Rebekah Redeemed will be included, as well as my novel that is coming out just in time for the holidays, Shelter from the Storm.

When I think about Christmas catalogs, I remember as a child being so excited when they would come in the mail. My brother and I would pour over them. It was all part of the excitement of the season. I’ll be getting the url for you as soon as it comes out. I know it’s early, but I can’t resist. Merry Christmas!


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Fall is Definitely in the Air

The temperatures at night are around 60 degrees in the Panhandle of Texas and we’ve been in the low to mid-80’s during the day. Football season and school are in full swing. No leaves turning for awhile yet, but it looks like it will be a busy time between now and the end of the year.

“Rebekah Redeemed”, my book released earlier this year may not be hitting the top ten yet, but those who read it are touched by it and I’m happy with the great book reviews on amazon.com or barnes&nobel.com. I’m working on the next book in the series “The Fisherman’s Wife” and hope to have it out in 2010. I’m also scheduling book signings, speaking engagements to both writing groups and women’s groups. I’ll put the dates on the blog as they get nearer.

Things are moving along for the flash fiction anthology and my novel for release later in the Fall 2009. It’s been a very exciting year and looks like next year will be even better. I also expect to pick up some more ghostwriting projects over the Fall and Winter season.

As we all move inside when the weather gets cold, I hope you all will be reading books like I plan to. Cold nights snuggled up with a cup of hot cider or hot chocolate and a good book are one of my ideas of contentment. I invite readers to leave a comment on what books they are reading or have on their list of ‘to read’ books.

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Book Signing at Mardel Christian & Educational Supply

It has been a demanding and crazy three weeks with my Dad’s stroke and short decline, funeral, and breaking my foot — however — the book signing is still on for this coming Saturday, May 23rd at Mardel in the Western Crossings shopping center at I-40 and Western, Amarillo, Texas. It is from 11am – 2pm. I hope you’ll be able to come. I’d greatly appreciate if you could also pass this on to any friends who might be interested.

Rebekah Redeemed book signing

Dianne G. Sagan

Mardel Christian & Education Supply

Western Crossings (I-40 & Western)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

11am – 2pm

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Speaking at Inspirational Writers Alive

If anyone is in the area, then come on over to the monthly meeting of Inspirational Writers Alive. They meet on the second Thursday every month at Kingswood United Methodist Church, 4801 S. Austin, Amarillo, TX. The meeting starts at 7:oopm. It always includes time for reading and critiques for fiction, nonfiction, and poetry as well.

I’ll be the program speaker – Finding Balance: Time Management for the Productive Writer. Then, afterwards, I’ll be doing a book signing for my novella Rebekah Redeemed.

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Blizzards and Daffodils

In West Texas we had a blizzard last Friday and today the snow is long gone and my daffodils are getting ready to bloom. Ah, Spring!

Hope Spring brings to mind new books and stories to write or read. When the weather warms up, my favorite thing to do is take a book out on the swing in my back yard under a huge Mulberry tree.

You can now order Rebekah Redeemed directly from a link in the right hand column of this page.

I’m finishing up a final draft on a ghostwriting project this week. Then, focus turns to my next book. One in the works – first draft in progress. Another waiting to hear from the publisher. Two others in research.

I brought a lot of new books home with me from the Christian Book Expo in Dallas a week ago. What an awesome and fun experience. Now that I”ve rearranged my book shelves to accomodate them I need to decide which one to read first. I have autographed books from Max Lucado, Jerry Jenkins, Jennifer Rothschild, Elizabeth George and others.

Happy reading and writing!

Come back Wednesday for another guest author  – Carolyn Howard Johnson.


What a Week it has been!

My first book signing for Rebekah Redeemed went well. We learned a lot and had a great time. Not a big crowd, but several people came on a very busy day for many. I sold more books than some do at a first signing and was very happy.

My daughter made a fabulous book trailer that I’ll be loading soon for everyone to see. We have a couple of things to tweak, but it made me cry when she showed it to me. She really captured the essence of the story. Can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Rebekah Redeemed can be purchased from awoc.com directly from the publisher, from amazon.com or at Barnes & Nobel. I have a couple of reviews up on amazon. Hope you’ll stop by and see them and order a book.

My next novella is a story about Simon Peter’s wife and what it must have been like to be married to him. What affect would Jesus  calling  her husband as an apostle have on her? What was her life like before and after?

I’m also planning a story about the woman at the well and what happened to her after she met Jesus.

What do we know about John and James mother? We know she asked Jesus to elevate her sons, but what else do we know? what was her life like? Her husband Zebedee and her sons were fishermen. How did her life change?

Another story idea I had is about a fictitious Egyptian woman who helps Mary and Joseph when they flee to Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath. What was it like for Mary raising her little boy, Jesus, for the years they lived in Egypt and how did they affect the people close to them? I love the ‘what if’ questions. That question keeps me full of new ideas.

I’m interested in your thoughts about these subjects. Feel free to leave comments on these and other women of the Bible we don’t know much about.

Have a great weekend everyone! Good writing. Good reading.