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Christmas is Coming

This is my favorite time of year. I love the music, concerts, The Nutcracker, baking and sharing with our neighbors, and celebrating our Savior’s birth. I was in a pageant, 300-400 people involved performing, for a couple of years and it really made Christmas a wonderful experience. The pageant was free to anyone who wanted to come. On the night of the final dress rehearsal, we used to invite the homeless to come and watch so they didn’t have to have tickets. Tickets were free for the regular performances (six in all) but were distributed through the church and we were able to share it with the homeless that night for who ever was around and came.

It gave me an amazing feeling to know that we gave the pageant and the Christmas message of love and hope to those who wanted to come. Even though the pageant is no longer performed, now I need to try to share that same feeling with everyone around me and those in our community. I invite everyone to do something special for someone else anonymously just like others have done for me in the past and have probably done for you.

It’s only about two and a half weeks to Christmas. I wish you all a joyous season and the love of Christ in your lives.

Happy writing and reading to you all.