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Off to the Mountains of New Mexico

I’ll be leaving later this week for a Christian Women’s Retreat at El Porvenir, New Mexico. I love the Sangre de Cristo mountains. I’ve camped in them and visited there most of my life. In many ways, it’s like going home. We live about 4 hours from the mountains in the middle of the Texas Panhandle. I’ll be speaking in a workshop about overcoming our pasts so that we can live more joyfully.

There is a lot going on in our world these days and we often get caught up in economic problems, concerns about our environment and if we will be able to pay our bills and take care of our families. We dwell on past mistakes and carry around the baggage from those times in our “backpacks.” It’s like carrying rocks around. They weigh you down and don’t give you any benefits. I love to work with people and speak with them about ways to overcome those things in our past that only weigh us down and don’t benefit us.

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Speaking at Women’s Retreat – El Porvenir, N.M.

I’m excited to be one of the workshop presenters at the annual Women’s Retreat taking place July 16 – 19, 2009, at the El Porvenir camp not far from Las Vegas, New Mexico. I’ll be speaking on overcoming your past in order to live a more joyful life. How to get rid of the negative energy and thoughts that weigh you down so that you can keep the lesson of your experience, but leave behind the baggage.

So far we have 80 women from several churches registered to come. You can get more information about the retreat at Washington Avenue Christian Church, Amarillo, Texas. Just click on this link.

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Check it out!!

For your reading pleasure you can now get your own copy of Rebekah Redeemed at the publisher awoc.com or on amazon.com.

My first book signing is Saturday, January 17th, 2009 in Denton, Texas, at The Hydrant Cafe, 208 W. Oak (just a block off the square). Everyone is invited if you’re in the area.

I have several people reading and reviewing the book for me as I write this and those reviews will be posted here, as well as amazon and other websites.

Book signings in Amarillo and the area will be sceduled soon. I’ll keep everyone informed about when and where.

What’s in this for the reader? A novella that is a quick read and keeps you going throughout the story. It is a story of overcoming your past and redemption that is there for all of us if we want it.  Get a copy and see what happens to Rebekah.

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Rebekah Redeemed Release

Beginning January 16, 2009 you can purchase your copy of Rebekah Redeemed at AWOC.Com Publishing or on Amazon.com.

Can Rebekah forgive those who have abused and neglected her? Is there anyone who can redeem her from servitude? Can she be cleansed and change her life? Who is this Nazarene?