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Happy New Year

Carved wooden salmon @ Ivar's Restaurant, Everett, WA

I just had to share this picture with all of you. I know it’s random, but I hope it brings a smile to your face to start this new year. Yes, that is Santa on top. I can’t figure out if the salmon is saving Santa or trying to have him for lunch.  I took it last year while visiting with my nieces Helen and Rachael and their families. We had a great time!

We ate a wonderful lunch at Ivar’s before taking a ferry ride. Hadn’t been there in many years so it was a delight.  For me, there is nothing better than Alaskan halibut and a bucket of butter clams. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

I wish you a wonderful New Year in 2011. BTW – you know those resolutions everyone either makes or tries to ignore? I decided several years ago that if I didn’t accomplish it all this year that I could just keep it on the list for the next year. Being a list maker for my whole life – at least since I knew how to write – is part of who I am and I make looonnnggg lists and then think I can accomplish them in a fairly limited amount of time. My husband, Greg, has spent years teaching me to be kind to myself. I am a work in progress and so are all the things on that list. I’m learning to celebrate accomplishments and look forward to experiences. Maybe I’m just getting older, but it’s beginning to sink in.

If you’re a writer, then I hope you’ll write in 2011. We can stretch ourselves together and keep working on being the best writers we can be.

If you’re a reader, then enjoy yourself – the stories, the turn of a phrase, the characters you’ll meet, and the places you’ll go without ever leaving home.