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New Year’s Goals

In a discussion about New Year’s resolutions, I challenged people in one of my online groups to post goals for 2009.

1. Publish my novel by the end of the year, working title “Escape.”

2. Gain expert status on at least one article bank site.

3. Sell 20,000 copies of Rebekah Redeemed this year.

4. Continue ghostwriting and write at least two Legacy projects.

5. Expand speaking career for writer’s groups and presenter at writing conferences to at least five this year.

6. Write and publishe novella, “The Fisherman’s Life”

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New Year Expectations

Hope everyone had a wonderful and joyous Christmas. I’m looking forward to the New Year 2009 with a new book coming out, Rebekah Redeemed, and other book deals in the near future.

I continue to ghostwrite and look forward to beginning projects with a new Legacy line of ghostwritten books open to clients. It isn’t your usual family scrapbook or memoir, it is a way to leave behind what you’d really like to pass on to your family and friends – what you’ve learned, your favorite experience, then and now, the things you love, business and personal, spiritual and temporal. Each one is a negotiated price for the ghostwritten book. You can find out more at my website Dianne Sagan – Writer.

I wish all you writers and readers a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Come back on January 2nd and meet another great writer. The Virtual Book Tour guests continue.