Welcome to the Greater Treasures Book Blog Tour

My Guest today is author Karina Fabian. Her latest book is Greater TreasuresIt is Christian Fantasy Mystery and a delight to read.


Karina Fabian does it again with her newest Dragon Eye, PI book – Greater Treasures, From the Case Files of Dragon Eye, PI.

A great fantasy detective story, Vern and Sister Grace take on another case. After a visit from the Mundane Eva Heidler, the bottle red-head, they find themselves searching for Eva’s missing brother Weylin. He had joined a cult, the Brotherhood of Baal and she wants the help of the Magicals. Grace follows the client to meet a man who knows about Eva’s brother but is shot with a dart. Vern is called to the hospital and must find out what exactly happened.

After searching the crime scene, he flies to Eva’s hotel suite (dragons can fly) and gets the real story from her that her brother is hiding because he took an artifact – a magic Faerie spear – that could do great damage. Vern must save this Universe and his own before it is too late.

It is a great read. You’ll keep following along with Vern’s adventures. And, the best part for me is the underlying story. Fabian’s research about the Lance of Longinus is well done and makes the book very interesting to read. Enjoy!

You can purchase the book at Greater Treasures


Marketing Plan Worshop

Hey, guys,

Karina Fabian is holding a Build Your Marketing Plan workshop at Savvy Authors June 6-19. As you can see, she’s stretching it out over several weeks so that folks have a chance to actually develop their plan. Marketing plans are great not only for preparing to sell your book to the public, but also for proposing a new book to a publisher. Many publishers are asking for marketing plans as part of your book proposal–even in fiction.

She is a very talented and knowledgeable woman whom I’ve known online for several years. I’m sure you would get great value out of her workshop. I’ve taken online seminars with her in the past as a part of the Muse Online Writers Conference, which takes place every October for a week.

The cost is $25 for the class. You can get more information or register at http://t.co/ GJvztS8.