June is Audio Book Month

If you’ve never listened to a book, then I recommend you try one. I listen when I travel in the car or even on a plane. You can download books onto your MP3 or iPod. Most of you probably don’t have a CD walkman any more, but books on CD are still on the market and in book stores. It is great when your eyes are tired from all day on a computer. Actually, it can be like when you were a child and your mother or father read to you when you went to be.

I want to share the following announcement with you:

Audiobook Month just keeps getting better and better.  Check this out: Our friends over at Macmillan Audio are running a sweepstakes as part ofJune Is Audiobook Month — and the lucky prize winner gets a year’s supply of free audiobooks.  To enter — and, let’s be honest, you’d be a fool not to try — CLICK HERE.

Have a great weekend!