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Basic Media Kits for Writers

If you’re an author with a PR expert who can handle publicity for your books, then you won’t need this post. However, if you’re just getting started, then you may not be able to afford paying a consultant to do your PR for you. Writers need a media kit to help promote our books. The basic things you need to put into a media kit are:

– Fact sheet on your book including the title, author, publication date,
ISBN, number of pages, retail availability

– Testimonials about your book

– Book  cover photo (full scale, color, print-ready, jpeg file)

– Author photo(jpeg)

– An author bio

– Reviews, testimonials or endorsements

– Press release

– Eight to ten interview questions and answers prepared by the author

– Book excerpt

You can assemble it in a folder or make it available on your website as a pdf file.