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Critique Group Dynamics

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a critique group that fits your needs. I believe that when you’re looking for a group or forming a new one it’s important to be with people who are compatible personalities. Everyone should focus on similar goals and what type of writing they do. For example, fiction writers usually participate in groups who share the same genre or similar genre. Non-fiction writers generally get together in a separate group. That isn’t to say that fiction writers don’t ever write nonfiction. If those in your critique group members occasionally bring  something they wrote that is different from their usual fiction or non-fiction, then it’s up to those in your group to decide whether that’s okay with them. A group gets to set the basic rules. I know some multi-published writers are in more than one critique group. Decide what type of group you need to receive value and return value to others with your opinions and knowledge. Being a part of a critique group can help you become a better writer and provide different view points that may reveal something about your writing that you wouldn’t have seen yourself. We are too close to our own writing to see everything by ourselves. Not in a critique group? It’s worth looking for one. With busy schedules, you can even find groups online.