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Writing Conferences

This past weekend I attended an American Christian Writers Conference in Dallas, Texas. It was the best conference I think I’ve been to, to-date. The presenters were Chip MacGregor, Dennis Hensley, and Frank Ball. Each one of them had something of value for every writer in the room no matter if you were a beginner or a multi-published author. It was amazing.

I would recommend any ACW conference to writers who are Christian or secular to go to one of these in your area. It is focused on Christain writers and that market, which is growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. I learned about the trends in the Christian market and attended an all day fiction writing workshop on the Friday with Dennis Hensley.

I write both nonfiction and fiction so it was a tough decision to decide, but Dennis gave us tips for making our fiction better and our characters more believable. I’ll be sharing some of the gems I picked up at the conference with my writing followers this next week. I hope you’ll come back.