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Flash Fiction & How It Helps Writers

The fun about writing flash fiction is that it doesn’t take all that long. There are some great lessons that I’ve learned in writing flash fiction that may be of help to you, too.

BTW – for those who are readers – these short stories range from 55 words to 1000 words. They are quick to read on that busy schedule you have.

The challenge for the writer is to include setting, plot, characters, conflict, and resolution in a short number of words. Most writers actually find it easier to write 200 pages than a short story.

The number one lesson: use words economically.

Earnest Hemingway once took the challenge of writing a complete story in six words! Known for his brevity that sounds like quit a challenge even for Hemingway. His story:

“For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn.”


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Fall is Definitely in the Air

The temperatures at night are around 60 degrees in the Panhandle of Texas and we’ve been in the low to mid-80’s during the day. Football season and school are in full swing. No leaves turning for awhile yet, but it looks like it will be a busy time between now and the end of the year.

“Rebekah Redeemed”, my book released earlier this year may not be hitting the top ten yet, but those who read it are touched by it and I’m happy with the great book reviews on amazon.com or barnes&nobel.com. I’m working on the next book in the series “The Fisherman’s Wife” and hope to have it out in 2010. I’m also scheduling book signings, speaking engagements to both writing groups and women’s groups. I’ll put the dates on the blog as they get nearer.

Things are moving along for the flash fiction anthology and my novel for release later in the Fall 2009. It’s been a very exciting year and looks like next year will be even better. I also expect to pick up some more ghostwriting projects over the Fall and Winter season.

As we all move inside when the weather gets cold, I hope you all will be reading books like I plan to. Cold nights snuggled up with a cup of hot cider or hot chocolate and a good book are one of my ideas of contentment. I invite readers to leave a comment on what books they are reading or have on their list of ‘to read’ books.

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November Book Releases

Things are moving along at the publisher for my novel and the flash fiction anthology to be released in November just before Thanksgiving. We’re working on the covers and have a surprise known author who is multipublished and a sought after speaker at writer’s conferences for the novel foreword. I’ll keep you all informed with the progress.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with flash fiction, it is a complete story that is written in 1,500 words or less. In the anthology (five writers with 20 stories each) our stories are 100 words. It is great fun! It’s also a great way to get past writer’s block.

I’ll be presenting a workshop on flash fiction with fellow author Barbara Mary Gendusa-Yokum for the Panhandle Professional Writers on September 26, 2009 during the afternoon session.

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It Doesn’t Get Any Better than This!

Just wanted to share my latest news! First, I met with a group of women that wrote a flash fiction book with me. I joined their fun and Janda Raker, one of our group, thought it would be a great idea to make our 100-word stories into a book and submit it to a publisher. Yesterday, we hit pay dirt with Joan and Steve Neubauer of WordWright.biz, Inc. publishing company in Alpine, Texas. They are going to publish one with an option of a second. Don’t know the title yet but we will be signing the contract with them in about a week or so. We are sooooo excited! It will be released just before Thanksgiving so we will hit the holiday season sales.

Second, Joan and Steve are the ones that I pitched my novel, Escape – working title. They were interested last year and I did a major rewrite for them cutting the book from approx. 95,000 words to 51,000 words. We discussed the changes and they offered me a book contract to publish it! Score! I would have gotten up and danced if I didn’t have a broken foot. I’ll be signing that contract in the next week or so, too. We are shooting for a release before Thanksgiving with this book as well.

My husband and I enjoyed Asti last night to celebrate. I’m not sure this is really sinking in yet. That means three books released in 2009!

Third, my novella, Rebekah Redeemed is now in all the Hastings stores in Amarillo as well as signed copies at the Mardel Christian & Education store in Amarillo at Western Crossings shopping center.