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The Five Senses in Your Writing

Using the five senses makes your writing come alive. When reading a story or novel, I believe that the reader should be drawn into the actions and relationships. Most readers fall in love with characters who they can relate to and feel what they are feeling. The scene your character acts out needs to play like a movie in the readers mind. Include what they see, smell, sounds, hear, and taste. If your character enjoys a meal, then make the reader’s mouth water and their stomach growl. Bring smells and sounds to life. A character’s touch felt by the protagonist brings a sense of exactly what it feels like to the reader. Using the senses makes the difference between flat, mechanical writing and a book that people will want to read again and again. I challenge you to include the senses in your own writing. I’ve heard it said that if the writer feels it, then the reader does too. Enjoy your summer writing. Sit down with a glass of iced tea and make your work live.