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Tips on Entering Contests

This post is from the OWFI online group, but I wanted to share it with you all. Writers Conferences provide many benefits, including contests. Some of these contests require you to attend the event, but others do not. Check on the guidelines and pick the categories that you want to enter your work. Here are some tips:

On Wed Jan 19, Maria Veres said:

Here are a few things to watch for when you’re cranking out those
last-minute contest entries….

Be sure your name doesn’t appear in headers or anywhere else. Nonfiction
writers, also check the text of your manuscript to make sure you haven’t
referenced a blog or Web site that includes your name.

Include the proper information in the header–category name and number,
plus word/line/page count. Check each specific category for exact

Double space all manuscripts except poetry and book synopses/outlines.

Include a self-addressed envelope, 9×12 (preferred) or larger. For
unpublished manuscripts, the envelope can’t be any smaller than 9×12.
The manuscript has to fit without folding.

Double-check that you’re sending your entry to the right category chair.