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Predators & Editors

Most of you probably already know that Predators & Editors provides a wonderful resource to writers. P&E gives lists of attorneys, publishers, agents and contests, as well as other publishing industry concerns. They do not represent or support any entity but share warnings and information about many of those you come in contact with on your writer’s journey. I keep the site bookmarked in my “Tools” bookmark folder. Before using a service you can look them up on P&E. I also recommend that you Google search the name of the person or organization plus “complaints.”

I recommend adding this link to your tool box and using it frequently. P&E also provides a place for you to post warnings from your own experiences.


Finding Balance through Time Management

In your busy lives it’s a challenge to keep track of everything and get it all done. Life reminds me of seeing the man spinning plates on top of sticks and trying to keep them all going without breaking any ( on the Ed Sullivan Show). Most of you probably are too young to remember the show. Our society is busier than ever and bombarded by 24/7 information. I’d like to share tips and get some in return from you for how you keep things in balance.

Tip #1: Get organized. I know this can be drudgery at first, but once it’s done then all you have to do is maintain a little at a time. We find all types of organizational tools and systems available in the stores. Some people make a living organizing offices, etc. for people.

Tip#2: Keep a calendar. May I suggest color coding for different activities or for members of the staff or your family. Helps keep track of who is where. Now we have access to electronic calendars that are hand held and can go everywhere with you. Personally, I’m just old fashioned enough to have one on my PC, laptop, and a printed copy for back up.

Tip#3: Save your MSWord documents in folders by subject or Title so you don’t waste time looking for documents.

Tip #4: Save back up files on a flash drive at the same time you save documents on your computer. Also save a back up for your bookmarks and contact lists so you don’t loose them if your computer crashes. It takes a lot of time to reconstruct those files if you loose them.