Book Trailers

If you’re a writer or a reader, then you probably know about book trailers. For those of you not familiar with them, they are similar to the movie trailers we see on television that get us to go to the movies. Book trailers give the reader a taste of the story and get some of the plot elements. This way of promoting your books is one of the ways we can take a couple of hours or so to create a book trailer with Windows Movie Maker or the program of your choice. They have a new edition that you can download online for free. You can acquire music from various websites or if you’re lucky and have someone in your family who writes and plays music you might be able to use theirs for a listing in the credits. You may have to get a free membership at the site or some offer free memberships and low prices. Be sure to check the Terms before you use them.

If you’ve never done it, then I recommend you give it a try. There is a learning curve, but after the first one the next will be much easier. You can purchase pictures from sites like bigstockphoto.com for minimal amounts or scan your own photos or download them from your digital camera. You can even select your photos and then have the program arrange the photos and when you upload the music it will make the music fit if you tell it too.

You do the work once and post it on your website, blog, and media networks. Then, 24/7 your book trailer lets people know about your book.

I just finished the book trailer for my last book that came out last year, The Fisherman’s Wife. If you’d like to see it, then go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgyT_aSf0OM

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Online Writer’s Conferences

Most writers work on a tiny budget and have to save up to attend conferences and retreats. I do that myself. In the past few years or so, I’ve found more free online writer’s conferences. In previous posts I’ve mentioned the Muse Online Conference which is always in October and is a great way to attend and stay home or get great information around your work schedule and connect with other writers. The past couple of years this conference has included opportunities for feedback on manuscripts from experts and pitches to publishers and agents.

This week I’m plugged into the Book Marketing Conference Online. Four workshops are held each day Monday through Thursday. You can call in or get in through a computer link to listen to each session. Free memberships give you access to workshops and great handouts. Paid registrations give you additional access to listen at any time to previous workshops, transcripts of sessions, and other things.

The marketing with video presentation was very informative and gave several resources for video presentation and book trailers. Book trailers are like a one time promotion that continues to work for you. Put it up on YouTube and then put links to it throughout your social network, on your blog, and your website.

Find online conferences through online writer’s groups, yahoo, google, and Facebook or Twitter. They are a great of attending without traveling. You can spend the time in your comfy clothes with a tall glass of iced tea.