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It Doesn’t Get Any Better than This!

Just wanted to share my latest news! First, I met with a group of women that wrote a flash fiction book with me. I joined their fun and Janda Raker, one of our group, thought it would be a great idea to make our 100-word stories into a book and submit it to a publisher. Yesterday, we hit pay dirt with Joan and Steve Neubauer of WordWright.biz, Inc. publishing company in Alpine, Texas. They are going to publish one with an option of a second. Don’t know the title yet but we will be signing the contract with them in about a week or so. We are sooooo excited! It will be released just before Thanksgiving so we will hit the holiday season sales.

Second, Joan and Steve are the ones that I pitched my novel, Escape – working title. They were interested last year and I did a major rewrite for them cutting the book from approx. 95,000 words to 51,000 words. We discussed the changes and they offered me a book contract to publish it! Score! I would have gotten up and danced if I didn’t have a broken foot. I’ll be signing that contract in the next week or so, too. We are shooting for a release before Thanksgiving with this book as well.

My husband and I enjoyed Asti last night to celebrate. I’m not sure this is really sinking in yet. That means three books released in 2009!

Third, my novella, Rebekah Redeemed is now in all the Hastings stores in Amarillo as well as signed copies at the Mardel Christian & Education store in Amarillo at Western Crossings shopping center.

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Signed Book Contract

Well, the book contract for Rebekah Redeemed is signed and in the mail!! I can hardly wait for the release after the first of the year. I’m working away on my marketing plan fine points – planning to put it in the Virtual Book Tour and network, network, network.

I had a great Thanksgiving last week with most of our family and have been working away on my other writing projects and ghostwriting. Never a dull moment.