Welcome my guest – Carolyn Howard Johnson


I’m very excited to have Carolyn with me this week as a part of the virtual book tour.

For a taste of what Carolyn writes, check out this list of her books. The are awesome resources for any and all level of writers.

For: The Frugal Book Promoter: How to Do What Your Publisher Won’t
ISBN: 193299310X       Star Publish    Awards: Winner USA Book News, Irwin Award  $17.95 but discounted at:: http://www.amazon.com/Frugal-Book-Promoter-What-Publisher/dp/193299310X/

For only a few cents a day The Frugal Book Promoter assures your book the best possible start in life. Full of nitty – gritty how – tos for getting nearly-free publicity, Carolyn Howard-Johnson, an instructor for UCLA’s Writers’ Program, shares her professional experience as well as practical tips gleaned from the successes of her own book campaigns. She tells authors how to do what their publishers can’t or won’t and why authors can often do their own promotion better than a PR professional.

A recommendation from BarnesandNobel.com: Feather Schwartz Foster, an author, September 9, 2004,  

Packed With Wonderful Information!  For anyone who has written a book of any kind – this is a must-have, and must-keep guide! Every chapter is filled with insights and how-tos and a whole bunch of where to finds!

For: The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success
ISBN: 9780978515874.  Red Engine Press.  Awards: Winner USA Book News, Reader Views Literary Award, New Generation Marketing Award   $18.95        To Order:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0978515870/ 

There are gremlins out there determined to keep your work from being published, your book from being promoted. They — resolved to embarrass you before the gatekeepers who can turn the key of success for you — lurk in your subconscious and the depths of your computer programs. Whether you are a new or experienced author, The Frugal Editor will help you present whistle-clean copy (whether it’s a one-page cover letter or your entire manuscript) to those who have the power to say “Yea” or “Nay.”

For: The Great First Impression Book Proposal: Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Book in 20 Minutes or Less
ISBN: B000YG6O5U      Publisher, Amazon  $0.49 (or 49c!)  To Order:   http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000YG6O5U/ref=cm_arms_pdp_dp  

The perfect learning experience for those who want to learn to wow an editor in no time flat and only 49 cents out-of-pocket!

Thanks for coming Carolyn. I hope everyone will come back on Friday to learn some more about you and your books.

Author: diannegsagan

Dianne G. Sagan has written over 25 books and more than 300 articles in her 20 years as a ghostwriter and published her own work traditionally and indie. She writes fiction and nonfiction. She's an experienced speaker at writers' conferences in the region and an experienced facilitator for writers classes and workshops.

8 thoughts on “Welcome my guest – Carolyn Howard Johnson

  1. So nice to learn more about Carolyn. That’s quite a list of books! I’ll be back on Friday.

  2. Hello ladies. Carolyn is a fascinating person, full of pep and motivation for all writers. Her Frugal books are a must have value for any writer to have as writing reference books.

  3. Carolyn does amazing things. I believe she and Lea are really twins.

  4. Diane, thank you so much for featuring me on your blog. It is an honor. Thanks to Lea and Margaret, too, for taking time to comment!

    Happy writing, promoting and, yes, editing, too!

    Carolyn Howard-Johnson

  5. Very good summary of Carolyn’s books. Makes you want to get them out and read them again.

  6. I have a copy of Carolyn’s Frugal Book Promoter. Great stuff! 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for taking a minute to comment, Gayle and Nancy. Glad you are faithful readers.

    Remember, The Frugal Editor is the one you want to read for a list of great, caring agents and information on how to avoid query letters boo-boos that agents hate. (-:

    Tweeting at http://www.twitter.com/frugalbookpromo

  8. Carolyn,
    Wow, very useful books for everyone! I am glad I read all about you.
    Best wishes,

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