Tools – Other


Convert your books to audio and sell them.

Apache Open Office

A word processing program that is free to download. It is an alternative to MSWord. I’ve talked with a few writers who have used it, and they liked it. However, when you submit a manuscript to a publisher or to a conversion program, whether you are self-publishing or traditionally publishing, the industry standard is Word. Open Office may be a good alternative to other writing programs that helps you get your book organized, but you will still need to change your manuscript file over to Word before you submit it to a publisher. For those who hate working in MSWord, this may be an answer.

Bitly – Shorter urls

This is a free tool to shorten long urls for blogs, tweets, Facebook or anywhere else you want to use them.

Cute PDF Writer

This is a free downloadable alternative to the industry standard Adobe Acrobat PDF program, which allows you to create a digital document that will look the same no matter what computer, screen or format you use for viewing it.

Convert PDF files to Word, Excel file formats

This program, which is free to download, can convert PDF files to MSWord or Excel format.


This is an online site that provides cloud storage for documents. You can work on a document anywhere, save the document to Dropbox, and pick it up at another location – even with a different computer – and it will appear just as it was saved. It also provides interchangeability between Mac and MS operating systems. Handier and more secure than carrying a thumb drive.

E-books and App development

This website has information and programs for app development and e-book production, as well as other advanced aspects of e-book development.

Free Flash Chat Rooms

This is a tool that allows you to add a chat room to your webpage.

Nuance Store

A website for Dragon Speaking Natural and other tools.


This website provides tools to create your own surveys and polls. It isn’t free, but has reasonable prices for simple surveys.

Status People Fake Follower Check

Do you ever wonder how many of your Twitter followers are real? You have to be signed into your Twitter account for the tool to work, but it gives you a report on how many of your followers are actual people. When you’re analyzing your rate of followers who actually turn into sales it is something you need to know for an accurate picture.

Sales Rank Tracking for Author Book Sales on Amazon

This is a tool to keep track of how well your book is selling on Amazon.

Web Resizer for Photographs

The free website allows you to upload your photos and use them on your website, blog and book covers. The adjustments you can make to your photos include reducing image size, cropping, sharpening, adjusting the contrast, rotating, converting a photo to black and white or adding a border.

Stat Counter

Visitor analysis for your website.


Title Generator

This is a great free tool that helps you develop titles for blogs or articles.

Wistia – How-to Tutorials for Videos

These are great tutorials about making videos and the equipment you use, including lighting on the fly. Cuts down your time in learning by trial and error.


A mind-mapping tool for brain storming ideas and storylines.

Write or Die

This is a great little timer program and word counter that encourages productivity. Check it out.


A program that allows you to condense large files into Zip files that are up to 10% of the original file volume, which makes them much more efficient for storage.