Marketing and Promotion

A List of Press Release websites

Free Press Release

Free Press Release Center

24/7 Press Releases

Express Press Release Distribution (Press Releases)

Press Releases HQ


Online PR Media

Open PR – Worldwide coverage

Newswire Today

Lead Pages

A website where you can develop landing pages for books, products, or services.

New Book Journal

A website for author announcements.

Readers Books Information

A book promotion site with genre, fiction and nonfiction sections. Includes author pages. $1 per week per book charge.

eCommerce Content 

Marketing Expert – Jo-Anne Vandermeulen’s promotional and website services, as well as other valuable information for writers. I’ve used Jo-Anne and will again.

How to Do it Frugally

Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s website and books are great resources for hybrid authors and indie authors who wear all the hats and are looking for useful information about all aspects of self-publishing.