E-book Conversion



It’s free to download on your PC and is fairly user friendly if you are computer savvy. It converts from multiple formats but doesn’t do as well from PDF files. Calibre translates to all of the major e-book formats. The download includes library management, e-book conversion, syncing to e-book reader devices, downloading news from the web and changing it into e-book form and other features. See the website to download the program and more details.


Mobi Pocket Creator


Free download. Creates e-books from PDF, Word and Text files. One of its features is a Table of Contents Wizard that gives your e-book an interactive TOC. The reader can click on the chapter and go there immediately. A beginner tutorial is included on the website.




This program provides easy conversion to HTML. It’s free to download, great for the not-so-computer savvy, and you pay only a “per-book” fee when you publish your e-book. They offer a price break for multiple books. The only drawback is that, at this time, it’s only available on Mac.