Building Your Platform

Even though I am not including the links most people set up a website and blog. This website is a combination blog and website using WordPress. I find it easy to use and manage from building the site from a template to revising and maintaining it.

I am on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Google+  – You can be a member of this site for free and develop friends who are readers. Join groups and get to know people. Focus on readers who like to read what you write, as well as share with people who enjoy reading what you read. Develop an author’s page and post to the blog. Put your book trailers on your page. According to independent studies, more conversions to sales come from relationships on Goodreads than from Facebook and Twitter. Personally, I’m on all three, but working on spending more time developing my relationships on Goodreads. I am not only a writer but a reader.  – Join with a basic membership for free and set up an author page. It includes your bio, photo, a listing of up to 4 books, stories, articles, news, your upcoming events, blog posts, and reviews. With upgraded memberships, there are additional features. You can also purchase advertising on the site.

There are many ways to be active online and numerous writers’ websites and groups but it’s better to select a few or one to be active and engaging than to spread yourself too thin. I can tell you from experience that social media can eat your writing time. It needs to be managed.

For the past few years, I’ve had a second website with an extensive list of resources for writers. It was originally intended to grow into a much larger resource, gathering place for writers, and a teaching platform for myself and others. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, my original plans have not been able to come about. After much consideration, I’ve decided that over the next few weeks I will consolidate both sites into this website and close down the Hybrid Author site. Certain things in my personal life are changing and I am no longer writing full-time. While I plan to continue writing part-time, I could never totally give it up – it is too dear to my heart and too much a part of who I am, more of my focus is elsewhere.


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