Association of Author’s Representatives. “Agents:”

Query Tracker. “Literary Agents:” tells you the names of each agent for each agency, it tells if they accept unsolicited queries, and other very helpful information.

Writers Services. “US Agent Listings:”

Literary Agent Research and Evaluation

This is a more recent find of mine. It allows an author to type in an agent’s or agency’s name for verification. It also provides a free Who’s Who of literary agents. For a small fee it will also provide a full fingerprint report of agents, including not only what is being said about them and their success with selling subsidiary rights but also the authors they are representing and those they have represented in the past.

Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

The Ahearn Agency

The Blythe Daniels Agency

Victoria Sanders & Associates

Agents for Authors Who Are Already Published – Adult and Children

1. MacGregor Literary Agency. “Submissions:”

Agents for Screenplay Writers

2. Cedar Grove Agency Entertainment

3. The Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency
Charlotte Gusay, Owner/President
Adult and Children’s Books

4. Books and Such Literary Assoc. Agency. “Submissions:”

5. Curtis Brown LTD, Adult and Children’s books

6. Donald Maass Literary Agency. “Submissions:”

7. Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency. “Submission Guidelines:”

8. Greenburger Associates Check each agent for what they want and the agent’s email for submissions.

9. The Knight Agency This page lists what they will not accept.

10. McIntosh and Otis, Inc. “Submissions:”

11. Writers House Adult and Children’s Books. Check submission guidelines.

Literary Agents for Children’s Books Only

12. Adams Literary Agency. “Submit Now:”

13. Andrea Brown Literary Agency. “How to Submit:”

14. Folio Literary Management. “Staff:”

15. Sheldon Fogelman Agency. “Submissions:”

16. Stimola Literary Studio, Inc. “Submission Guidelines:”

17. Trident Media Group. “Submissions/Contact Us:”

18. Wernick & Pratt Agency. “Submissions Policy:”

Children’s Books Lists of Agents

  1. Children’s Agents: SCBWI. “Agent Directory:”
  2. Picture Book Agents: Chuck Sambuchino. Writers Digest. “Picture Book Agents:”
  3. Picture Book Agents (Many of these handle adult books, too) Edie Hemingway. Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia Region, SCBWI. “As the Eraser Burns:”
  4. Picture Book Agents:  Heather Ayris Burnell. “Monster List of Picture Book Agents:”
  5. Young Adult Agents: Chuck Sambuchino. Writers Digest. “Young Adult Literary Agents:”

Adult Books – Lists of Agents

  1. Christian Book Agents: Chuck Sambuchino. “Christian Agents:”
  2. Non-Fiction Book Agents Chuck Sambuchino. “Non-Fiction Agents:”
  3. Romance Agents.” Top 10 Literary Agents for Romance:”
  4. Romance Agents. “Literary Agents Indicating Interest in Representing Romance:”
  5. Screenwriter Agents. Hank Marlowe. “Screenwriter Agents, Producers, Managers:”