Signed Book Contract

Well, the book contract for Rebekah Redeemed is signed and in the mail!! I can hardly wait for the release after the first of the year. I’m working away on my marketing plan fine points – planning to put it in the Virtual Book Tour and network, network, network.

I had a great Thanksgiving last week with most of our family and have been working away on my other writing projects and ghostwriting. Never a dull moment.

More fun with Deborah Ramos

Deborah Ramos has a great imagination and finds inspiration many places. She doesn’t seem to suffer from the dreaded writer’s block. Just where do all those ideas come from?


I find inspiration in the usual places… my pets, my kids, my granddaughter, my students, nature, places I’ve been, places I want to visit.  Most of my stories begin with a true event, and then my imagination takes it from there.


Writers are usually readers as well. Have you always loved to read?


When I was growing up, Little Lulu comic books were my favorite stories. On rainy days, or when I was home sick from school, I’d get comfy under my blankets, and read my Little Lulu comics. The Secret Garden was my favorite book. My fifth grade teacher read it out loud to the class. She gave characters accents and read with such expression, that it left a lasting impression on me. As a teenager, I didn’t read much. I found the classics boring, but Edgar Allen Poe fascinated me. 


What are your current works in progress?


I have works in progress I need to finish and stories I need to polish up. I have new ideas that need to be put on paper before I forget. I’m also working on two poetry chapbooks.



One more question. Since you love collective nouns, using them, how would you describe your readers?


How about a Brigade of Bookworms.


Thank you so much for being with me this week Deborah. I look forward to hearing more from you. I’ll be checking in with your blog and website to see what’s new. I invite everyone to keep your eyes open for an upcoming book in 2009.


Thank you for having me, Dianne. You can find out more at me websites:

My Guest Deborah Ramos

Welcome to my guest author, Deborah Ramos

Deborah Ramos enjoying a sunny day in Seattle
Deborah Ramos enjoying a sunny day in Seattle





Thank you for being with me this week Deborah. You are a talented writer that offers good reading for children of all ages. Tell me a little about yourself.


I’m a mother, grandmother, teacher and animal lover – including a pet snake. I’ve always loved words and combinations of words.


What is your favorite word combination?


I love collective nouns. I think the most interesting one is an Escargatoire of Snails. I imagine a little snail party crawling in circles on a plate. I love a Pandemonium of Parrots; can’t you just hear them squawking in the trees? What an image that conjures up.


What got you started in writing about collective nouns?


I was writing a story about Africa, and in my research, I found a website that listed animals in alphabetical order, along with their group name. It sparked an interest, and I dug deeper. Group names can bring to mind such interesting images, such as a prickling of porcupines; you can almost FEEL those, pokey, prickly quills.


Do you have a lot of pets at home?


I’ve always had pets growing up. And I have quite a collection now. I have two cats, two noisy parakeets, a variety of tropical fish, and a ball python named Mercury. Mercury sheds his skin and donates it to my art projects.



Thanks for coming today, Deborah. I look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday about your works in progress and your upcoming release in 2009.


Thanks for having me.

More about John F. Murray, PhD. and his new book

I recommend  Dr. John F. Murray’s new book:


Smart Tennis: How to Play and Win the Mental Game


(Smart Sport Series)

Media: Paperback Book, 272 pages

Publisher: Jossey-Bass (March 03, 1999)

Edition: 1

ISBN-10: 0787943800

ISBN-13: 9780787943806

Dimensions: 4.96 x 6.77 x 0.87 inches

Shipping Weight: 0.53 lbs

Available at major bookstores and online at and other stores.


Book Description

“The game with yourself is often tougher than the battle against any opponent.

Smart Tennis shows you how to win the inner match while having fun along the


–Lindsay Davenport, world’s #1 ranked player for 1998


Become a More Competent-and Confident-Tennis Player – Smart Tennis is the

secret weapon that tucks right into your tennis bag. Apply these proven

principles of sport psychology to your game and gain a winning advantage both

on and off the courts.

“Smart Tennis is a must for players at all levels-from beginners to Wimbledon

champions! An outstanding book for understanding and improving your mental


–Vic Braden, tennis telecaster and researcher


“If you ever want to use the title of this book to describe how you played your last

match, then Smart Tennis is for you.”

–David Higdon, senior writer, Tennis Magazine


“This is an excellent book of psychological skills that can be immediately applied

on the tennis court.”–E. Paul Roetert, Ph.D., Administration of Sports

Science, United States Tennis Association





My first guest for our Virtual Book Tour

I want to introduce you to John F. Murray. You’ll be learning more about him and his book for the next several days. He has a great new book out Smart Tennis: How to Play and Win the Mental Game.


Tennis Europe Feature

Front Page of the Boca Raton


BioFile by Scoop Malinowski

Detroit Free Press Profile

Sports Illustrated Feature


Sports psychology is a great source of inspiration, and I love helping people

improve, whether in a clinical situation calling for psychotherapy, stress

management or better life adjustment, or a performance situation where the

goal is to compete better and win more in business or sports. As far as

sports, I was lucky to grow up in South Florida in the early 70s, and my passion

intensified listening to Don Shula’s wisdom as legendary coach of the Miami

Dolphins. My dream at age 10 was to bat 4th for the Yankees and quarterback

the Miami Dolphins to a Super Bowl win. Dreams have become reality as I’ve

coached and played tennis worldwide, worked with many pro athletes and teams

as a sport performance psychologist, helped NFL quarterbacks overcome

slumps, coached tennis at major tournaments like the Australian Open, trained

athletes at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, and developed a unique

system for including mental performance in the scoring of a football game – the

Mental Performance Index or MPI – that has almost perfectly estimated the

relative performance of teams in the past 6 Super Bowls. I’m absolutely

convinced that solid mental training is a necessary and huge key to success, and

an often-overlooked advantage. If you just want to cope better with life, a family

situation or a relationship, psychology can help too, and the performance

psychology focus is an extremely positive approach and quest for more success

that many enjoy.


Smart Tennis: How to Play and Win the Mental Game.

Book Contract in the Mail

I’m doing a happy dance today! The publisher who I sent my Christian fiction novella, Rebekah Redeemed, sent me an email today saying that he really like the book and is sending a contract. It will be on the shelves Spring 2009. I almost have whiplash it’s coming together so quickly.

This is the first book of a series called Touched by the Saviour.

Reading and Writing

I’m just finishing reading James Patterson’s book The Jester. It is a historical fiction novel about a man who joins the Crusades to gain his family’s freedom. Nothing turns out the way he thought it would and when he returns home things are not how he left them. He becomes a jester so he has access to places a commoner or peasant would ordinarily never obtain. As usuall, Patterson has many twists and turns in the plot.

I sent the manuscript for my Christian fiction novella to the publisher last night. Now back to the revisions on my novel Escape and ghostwriting projects.

Rebekah Redeemed

I’m focusing on the manuscript for Rebekah Redeemed for the rest of the week. As the first book in a series of novella’s about little known women in the New Testament, it sets the stage for a young woman to be not only redeemed by a kinsman, but redeemed by the Savior.

If you love to read books like this, then I can recommend Francine Rivers. Her novella’s about the five women God chose who are listed in Jesus’ lineage, first chapter of Matthew. Each of these women were faced with social and spiritual challenges. These books will keep you going until Rebekah Redeemed becomes available.

Good reading!

Election Day

Just when everyone thought election day would never come – it’s here.

Things are coming together for our Virtual Book Tour this month.

I am a hisotry buff and always reflect back on our history. Not that I want to get too political on a writer and reader blog, but this truly is an election for the ages. We’ve broken past barriers with women as major players in the presidential election. We’ve finally crossed racial lines and as of now, it looks like we’re looking at our first black President. I hope to draw on this in my writing.