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Area Christian Author Hits Amazon Bestsellers List 42 Weeks

Amarillo, TX

Rebekah Redeemed and The Fisherman’s Wife, by Dianne G. Sagan, books 1 and 2 of her “Women of the Bible” series, both hit Amazon Bestsellers list time after time.

Mrs. Sagan’s “Women of the Bible” series is published by a small traditional publisher, Buoy Up Press, in Denton, Texas. They are fictionalized stories portraying womens’ lives at the time of Christ. Rebekah Redeemed is the story of an orphaned shepherdess befriended by Martha and Mary. The Fisherman’s Wife is the story of Peter’s wife. The main characters each struggle with issues that are as relevant today as they were then. Book 3 in the series is Miriam’s Room, and Mary’s Exile, book 4, are climbing in sales every week.

Author of 21 books, ten ghostwritten (six of which were best sellers), Mrs. Sagan is an award-winning hybrid author both self-published and traditionally published. Her latest work, The Hybrid Author, Second Edition is a non-fiction publishing guide for writers bout the changes taking place in the publishing world.


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