The Hybrid Authors’ Manifesto

typewriter-2325552_1920We, the hybrid authors of the world, believe that all writers are created equal. All writers, whether

traditionally published or indie published, are endowed with a natural talent and creativity for wordsmithing. We have the natural right to develop and explore our potential and exercise our right of free speech and publication as we see fit.

We have the right to choose any or all paths to publication.

We have the right to call ourselves indie published authors and enjoy the satisfaction of self-publication.

We have the right to call ourselves legitimately published traditional authors and enjoy the same recognition as other traditionally published authors.

We have the right to control as much of the publishing process as we choose.  typewriter-210640_1920

We have the right to choose who our publishing partners are.

We have control over the copyright and ancillary rights of our works as much as we choose.

We value equal and fair relationships with publishing partners who share the same ethics, interests, and goals.

We focus on good quality writing and professionally published books for our readers, no matter what the format or publishing path.

We are professionals and encourage each other’s success.