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FREE on Kindle today and tomorrow! Rebekah Redeemed, by Dianne G. Sagan

PhototasticCollage-2016-01-30-10-44-28Rebekah Redeemed Rereleased by the author with a new cover, this is the story of a shepherd’s daughter who is orphaned and forced to endure a life of servitude. Find out how her life changes after she meets the extraordinary young rabbi from Galilee.

Dianne G. Sagan has been on the Amazon Bestsellers list 45 times for Rebekah Redeemed and The Fisherman’s Wife from her Women of the Bible series.

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“Beautiful and touching …” Kim Black, Pres. Panhandle Professional Writers

“The insight shown in this book amazed me …” Review by J.M. Perhach

“Engaging, authentic, I loved this book …” Review by Katrinka Mayus


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