To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question

How many of us set up a schedule for blogging and do really well for a time and then just flat fall off of the wagon? Come on … don’t be embarrassed … most of us would have to raise our hands and nod our heads on that one. I am no exception, but after a challenging 2012 it is time to get back on the horse or back to the keyboard. New goals, I don’t think I’ll go with the resolution thing.  The question comes to mind – why do you want to read this anyway. Book Festival

For the writer: I give you something of value that you can use.

For the reader: I give you once a month recommendations or guest blogs about new books and other authors I think you would enjoy.

My new schedule: Writer focused blogs on Tuesdays.  BookCoverImage - final Nov 6 2011

Focus on readers for Saturdays.    


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