Happy Mother’s Day

This is the time we remember our mothers every year. I always told my children you can’t have enough “Moms”. We have our own and are blessed with step-children and friends of our children who seem like our own. Every mother deserves to be Mother of the Year.

Mother of the Year is an occasion
On which all mothers can receive their due.
The chosen one becomes a celebration,
Happily, of what we always knew.
Each generation finds its way to love,
Returning to the home within the heart,
Offering the next a model of
Fierce passion to be whole by being part.
To you, then, go the laurels of the day,
Hard earned through many hours of sacrifice,
Each danced with all the wisdom of the way
Yet known to those who do not ask the price.
Even in the ardent grip of grace,
Alive with love, you know the odds you face,
Reaching through your joys towards paradise.

 — unknown


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