Reading Challenge

In our area the school 2010 – 2011 year is over next Friday. My grandson is ready for a break as are his teacher parents. Let me invite you and your children or grandchildren to check your local libraries for story hours, movies, activities, and reading clubs. Children earn prizes for reading and it keeps them involved in books through the summer break. It keeps their skills sharp for the next school year.

If you don’t have children or grandchildren around, then here is a challenge. Read at least two books a month during June, July, and August. Keep a list of your books and then come and share what you read on this blog. The three readers with the most books read and who post comments about them for this challenge will each win an autographed copy of one of my books. If you plan to participate, then please leave a comment. You can start at any time beginning June 1st and continue through August 30th.

Meet Author Linda K. Hubalek

Linda Hubalek’s sixth grade teacher assigned her to write the traditional paper on what she wanted to be when she grew up, but Linda had an untraditional answer. She didn’t want to be a nurse, teacher, or mom. She wanted to be a farmer! Her dream came true when she graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Agriculture/Horticulture, and went on to spend years doing agronomy research, and eventually started her own business, Prairie Flower Creations.

Much like her own ancestors who headed West, Linda found herself in California tending a cement garden and longing for the fields of Kansas. Lind “visited” her beloved Kansas by writing the Trail of Thread series about Kansas pioneer women.

Although Linda is back in Kansas (growing bison this time, not prairie flowers), she’s still writing about Kansas women. Her fourth series, the Kansas Quilterseries, will be released later this year.

Find out more about Linda by visiting her websites:

Author website:


Trail of Thread series

3 Book Series: Trail of ThreadThimble of Soil, and Stitch of Courage

By Linda K. Hubalek

The Trail of Thread series includes three books based on the lives of the author’s ancestors. Each book, told from the viewpoint of a pioneer woman through letters she writes to those “back home,” tells the tale of a family moving from the settled East to the wilds of the newly opened territory of Kansas in the mid 1850s.

The first book, Trail of Thread, tells of life on the trail West as a family makes the cross country journey from Kentucky to Kansas. The second book, Thimble of Soil, is the story of a widow and her children traveling from Ohio to Kansas and trying to establish a home amidst the skirmishes that riddled Kansas, as the slave state and free state supporters battled over the fate of the Kansas territory. The last book, Stitch ofCourage, takes place during the Civil War 

Cleveland Tulip Quilt

years and tells of the marriage between the two families portrayed in books one and two and how the war was fought in the West.

These books are written in letter form, covering the years 1854 to 1865. Twelve quilt patterns are featured in each book of this series.

The books are available as eBooks for Amazon’s Kindle,Barnes & Noble’s Nook, or for Kobobook’s Kobo.

Spring Reading

We’re all spending more time outside with spring and summer activities. Gardening. Baseball. Picnics and time at the park with our children or grandchildren.

Some of the great new reads include:

Mystery & Thrillers –

I’ll Walk Alone, Mary Higgins Clark

The 6th Man, David Baldacci

10th Anniversary, James Patterson


Southern Comfort, Fern Michaels

Smokin’ Seventeen, Janet Evanovich

Texas Blue, Jodie Thomas

Happy Mother’s Day

This is the time we remember our mothers every year. I always told my children you can’t have enough “Moms”. We have our own and are blessed with step-children and friends of our children who seem like our own. Every mother deserves to be Mother of the Year.

Mother of the Year is an occasion
On which all mothers can receive their due.
The chosen one becomes a celebration,
Happily, of what we always knew.
Each generation finds its way to love,
Returning to the home within the heart,
Offering the next a model of
Fierce passion to be whole by being part.
To you, then, go the laurels of the day,
Hard earned through many hours of sacrifice,
Each danced with all the wisdom of the way
Yet known to those who do not ask the price.
Even in the ardent grip of grace,
Alive with love, you know the odds you face,
Reaching through your joys towards paradise.

 — unknown