Virtual Book Tour Returns September 1st!

Here is the schedule for the Virtual Book Tour. We’re all excited to be back and know you’ll be looking for new fall reading and authors. Mark your calendar for the tour.

Here’s our September 2010 Author Tour Schedule:

1st Karen Cioffi is featuring Donna McDine
2nd Kathy Stemke is featuring Virginia Grenier
3rd Nancy Famolari is featuring Robert Medak
4th Margaret Fieland is featuring Jane Sutton
5th Dianne Sagan is featuring Marietta Taylor
6th Elysabeth Eldering is featuring Janet Ann Collins
7th Helena Harper is featuring Debra Eckerling
8th Carolyn Howard-Johnson is featuring Helena Harper
9th Heather Paye is featuring Dianne Sagan
10th Marvin Wilson is featuring Kari Wolfe
11th Stephen Tremp is featuring Nancy Famolari
12th Darcia Helle is featuring Dallas Woodburn
13th Martha Swirzinski is featuring Stephen Tremp
14th Debra Eckerling is featuring Maggie Ball
15th Heidi Thomas is featuring Heather Paye
16th Dallas Woodburn is featuring Gary Murning
17th Maggie Ball is featuring Brigitte Thompson
18th Virginia Grenier is featuring Karen Cioffi
19th Janet Ann Collins is featuring Margaret Fieland
20th Katie Hines is featuring Martha Swirzinski
21st Brigitte Thompson is featuring Kevin McNamee
22nd Marietta Taylor is featuring Darcia Helle
23rd Kari Wolfe is featuring Marvin Wilson
24th Jane Sutton is featuring Jessica Kennedy
25th Gary Murning is featuring Katie Hines
26th Jessica Kennedy is featuring Elysabeth Eldering
27th Robert Medak is featuring Carolyn Howard-Johnson
28th Kevin McNamee is featuring Heidi Thomas
29th Kim Rapier is featuring Kathy Stemke
30th Donna McDine is featuring Kim Rapier


Summer Coming to an End

Hope everyone had a great summer. It’s been busy and challenging in some ways, but great in others. Teachers are going back to work and in our area kids return August 23rd. Even though it’s still hot, pre-season football has begun and colleges will be starting classes soon.

Another sign of Fall? The return of the monthly Virtual Book Tours and Guests. September 1st begins the first Fall tour. I’ll be giving you the schedule in a few days. My guest will be visiting on September 5th.

I’ll also be adding some new subjects for discussion, new features for readers and writers, and a newsletter this Fall.