Here I am at Oklahoma Writers Federation Conference

I arrived in Oklahoma City for the OWFI 2010 conference yesterday with high winds on the road and friendly, welcoming faces at the conference. I met people that I’ve known online for a long time and have enjoyed getting to know participants and other presenters. We had a great barbque dinner to welcome all of us on the faculty for the conference. It was great to see Deborah LeBlanc again (her latest book, Water Witch). She is an inspiration to me and a friend. I love it that she wrote the cover blurb for Shelter from the Storm.

There are about 400 people here and it is a great facility and great opportunity. We had a great time in my “Life as a Ghost(writer)” workshop this morning. Everyone seemed to have a good time and told me that not only enjoyed it but it was a valuable experience. Tomorrow, Saturday, I facilitate the workshop on “How to Do a Virtual Book Tour.” It should be just as much fun.

This evening after the banquet we are holding buzz sessions either in the atrium or in our suites. Informal opportunities to chat and answer questions with participants.

Finding New Books and Authors

I’m a member of Goodreads, a place where you can meet other people who love to read and there are a number of authors there, too. We can recommend books, post reviews and comments, and see what others are reading. We can collect a group of friends and participate in any of a large number of discussion groups. This is a site for all ages, depending on the groups you frequent.

I often try a new author from a book recommended to me. If I like the author’s work, then I tend to read through that author’s books. Series are fun because you can really get to know characters and you get to spend time with them in each book. They become like old friends. How do you find new books or authors to read? I’d love to hear from you all (okay, yes, I live in Texas and sometimes can’t resist “you all” or “ya’ll)

Spring is here – What’s New

It is April, but the past few days seem more like wet, rainy winter. I’m looking forward to gardening when not writing, presenting at writer’s conferences, or spending time with family.

I’ve been MIA dealing with life stuff for the last month or so and finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s always busy with six adult children, grandchildren and pets.

Just sent my third book off to the publisher a week ago. The Fisherman’s Wife is the second novella in a series that started with Rebekah Redeemed. You’ll get a glimpse of what life may have been as Simon Peter’s wife. He is known as the leader of the disciples and Jesus called him Petros (in Greek) or Cephas (in Hebrew). He was call the rock that the early Christian church would look to as one of it’s leaders after Jesus ascended. These books are Christian fiction, but are written as historical novellas researched through historical  and cultural sources, as well as bibilcal sources. Each addresses current issues that we face today, but were faced in the first century by women as well.  This series is called Touched by the Savior.

The Fisherman’s Wife is scheduled for release summer 2010. Hope you’ll watch for it.