Blog Tour and Squirrel Hunt

This is the week to visit around and see if you can win a $15 gift certificate to All you have to do is visit the listed blogs and search for the squirrel. Collect 10 and you can win! Report where you found the squirrels to Teresa Slack at the following link. (There are 15 out there so it shouldn’t  be too hard to be a winner.)

“Teresa Slack” <>

The following links are sites of the tour for the week. Enjoy the tour and the squirrel hunt.

Sandi Rog:

Mid Stutsman

Elizabeth Bussey

James Tate

Dianne Sagan

Kat Crawford

Kelly Klepfer

Marion Marchetto

Lisa Lickel

Tamera Kraft

Penny McGinnis

Molly Dawn Edwards

Carla Gade

Sally Hanan

Elizabeth Byler Younts

Chawna Schroeder

Teresa Slack

Karin Beery

Vicki Moss


One thought on “Blog Tour and Squirrel Hunt

  1. This sounds like fun. Also, just to let you know, your book arrived this week. Looking forward to reading it. Love the cover.


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