Welcome to my blog, Joyce Anthony

I’m glad to have you with me this week. Tell us a little about yourself, Joyce.

I live in Pennsylvania with my teenaged son and what she calls a mini-zoo. I’m a freelance writer and editor.

When you’re not writing or editing, what do you do? 

I’m a homeschooling mother, photographer, genealogist, animal advocate and psychologist.  I also answer questions as an “expert” on bipolar disorder at AllExperts.com. Along with that I’m currently working on two additional blogs–one for bipolar disorder and one for Asperger’s Syndrome.

Can you give us a taste of what your writing career is doing now that we’re looking at a new year in a few weeks?

I’m the author of Storm, a spiritual fantasy and two books to be released in 2009:  Spirit of the Stallion and Shattered Rainbow. She answers questions as an “expert” on bipolar disorder at AllExperts.com and is currently working on two additional blogs–one for bipolar disorder and one for Asperger’s Syndrome.

I hear that you have a book trailer for your book Storm. Are going to get to preview it this week?

Oh, yes. I’m looking forward to posting it here on your blog on Wednesday.

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but that certainly wets my appetitie for see Joyce’s trailer on Wednesday and learning more about Storm. Thanks for being with me today, Joyce.

Who he is and why he’s here is a mystery even to Storm-a mystery that can only be answered within the whirling rainbow. His search puts him in touch with many of society’s forgotten people; he changes their lives and heals their souls. When he finds the answer to his identity, the world is changed forever.  You’ll aske yourself:  Is it only a fantasy–or is it real?

Welcome to Shelagh Watkins


Thank you for reading this blog entry! This is the thirteenth post on the Forever Friends blog tour. If you are following the tour, you will find this post a little different to the previous twelve blog posts. If this is your first visit, welcome to the tour. Today’s post is a slight diversion from the rest of the tour because Dianne is the only blog host on the tour who is not a contributor to the anthology, Forever Friends. Dianne has asked some questions that are different from the previous questions asked by contributors to the book. 

Before I answer Dianne’s questions, I would like to give Dianne’s regular blog readers a chance to learn more about the anthology. The first review of Forever Friends was written by Linda Waterson for Apex Reviews:

“Love is only temporary…but friends are forever.” Kelly Wheeler

This quote, which opens the moving new anthology Forever Friends, is a perfect summation of the contents to which readers will be treated inside. Edited by Shelagh Watkins, administrator of PublishedAuthors.org, Forever Friends offers a poignant, profound – and oftentimes amusing – look into the various layers of friendship, as well as those who explore them. Featuring poems, short stories, and commentary from authors all over the globe, the anthology serves as a stark reminder that, though we may differ in our cultural approaches to relationships, the emotions with which we experience them are quite universal.

Compiled in various sections, ranging from “Family Friends” to “Lost Friends” to “False Friends” to “Spiritual Friends,” the literary offerings contained therein just as equally travel the full spectrum of friendship, covering all imaginable ground in-between. There is reminiscing over childhood heroes, protectors of the four-legged ilk, and gracious musings over friends who were – quite literally – lifesavers. There are also poems that wish for the spreading of global goodwill, as well as verses rendered in homage to friends that are gone, but not forgotten. For added contextual flavor, preceding each section is an insightful blurb helping to foster within the reader a greater understanding of what that particular facet of friendship is really all about. Consider, for example, this literary jewel that precedes the “False Friends” section:

“False friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the sunshine, but leaving us the instant we cross into the shade.” Christian Nestell Bovee

Among its numerous virtues, perhaps the most salient aspect of Forever Friends is its ability to communicate universal truths about life, love, and the frailties of the human heart in such a realistic way that the reader does not have to have experienced the specific episodes recounted within its pages; the passion and inspired delivery of each contributing author provides the reader with the benefit of a vicarious ride through the depths of their seasoned souls. Such an ability does not come easily, and it speaks volumes of Editor Shelagh Watkins’ innate sense of discernment to have selected such an eclectic mix of talented authors with the skill to pull it off.

An engaging and appealing read, Forever Friends will surely move the hearts and minds of readers of all ages, guaranteeing that you’ll see the world around you – and even yourself – in a different light by the turning of the final page.
Official Apex Reviews Rating: Photobucket

The review motivated me to write the posts for the blog tour with the added reassurance that I was right to say what a wonderful book this is and that anyone who bought the book would not be disappointed!

Now to Dianne’s questions!

What kind of writing do you do?

My first novel, The Power of Persuasion, is a work of literary fiction. I wrote the novel ten years ago but it remained unpublished until this year. I set up Mandinam Press in January to publish the novel, which is currently on the list for Wales Book of the Year. Mandinam Press also published the anthology, Forever Friends in October this year. I write poems and short stories, some of which have been published in anthologies and my first children’s book, Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine, was published in 2005. The novel is currently being considered for serialization by local radio but it is in the early stages of development.

What are your favorite genre to read?

I am very fond of classical literature, Jane Austen in particular but I read quite a range of books. I prefer fiction to non-fiction but I enjoy the occasional biography and books about science, space and discovery. One of my neighbours in Scotland asked me on numerous occasions to read books, which she had received as gifts or recommendations, before she did. She said that she knew I would read the books to the very end … and I always did!

If you could recommend one book to take on a desert island, what would it be?
It would have to be Forever Friends!

When you not writing or reading, what do you like to do?

I like computing, I have a diploma in Information Technology from the University of Glasgow. I enjoy using the computer to design things as well as using it as a writing tool. I like to paint and draw but I don’t seem to find much time these days for either … and then there’s the garden! Did I mention golf? Oh, I don’t have time to play golf these days … 

I would like to thank Dianne for inviting me to her blog and giving me the opportunity to talk about Forever Friends, which is available now from all major online stores,

including amazon.com: Forever Friends

and barnesandnoble.com: Forever Friends

Thanks again for reading this and best wishes for the holiday season!

Shelagh Watkins

Please follow the tour to learn more about the book.

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Christmas is Coming

This is my favorite time of year. I love the music, concerts, The Nutcracker, baking and sharing with our neighbors, and celebrating our Savior’s birth. I was in a pageant, 300-400 people involved performing, for a couple of years and it really made Christmas a wonderful experience. The pageant was free to anyone who wanted to come. On the night of the final dress rehearsal, we used to invite the homeless to come and watch so they didn’t have to have tickets. Tickets were free for the regular performances (six in all) but were distributed through the church and we were able to share it with the homeless that night for who ever was around and came.

It gave me an amazing feeling to know that we gave the pageant and the Christmas message of love and hope to those who wanted to come. Even though the pageant is no longer performed, now I need to try to share that same feeling with everyone around me and those in our community. I invite everyone to do something special for someone else anonymously just like others have done for me in the past and have probably done for you.

It’s only about two and a half weeks to Christmas. I wish you all a joyous season and the love of Christ in your lives.

Happy writing and reading to you all.

Signed Book Contract

Well, the book contract for Rebekah Redeemed is signed and in the mail!! I can hardly wait for the release after the first of the year. I’m working away on my marketing plan fine points – planning to put it in the Virtual Book Tour and network, network, network.

I had a great Thanksgiving last week with most of our family and have been working away on my other writing projects and ghostwriting. Never a dull moment.

More fun with Deborah Ramos

Deborah Ramos has a great imagination and finds inspiration many places. She doesn’t seem to suffer from the dreaded writer’s block. Just where do all those ideas come from?


I find inspiration in the usual places… my pets, my kids, my granddaughter, my students, nature, places I’ve been, places I want to visit.  Most of my stories begin with a true event, and then my imagination takes it from there.


Writers are usually readers as well. Have you always loved to read?


When I was growing up, Little Lulu comic books were my favorite stories. On rainy days, or when I was home sick from school, I’d get comfy under my blankets, and read my Little Lulu comics. The Secret Garden was my favorite book. My fifth grade teacher read it out loud to the class. She gave characters accents and read with such expression, that it left a lasting impression on me. As a teenager, I didn’t read much. I found the classics boring, but Edgar Allen Poe fascinated me. 


What are your current works in progress?


I have works in progress I need to finish and stories I need to polish up. I have new ideas that need to be put on paper before I forget. I’m also working on two poetry chapbooks.



One more question. Since you love collective nouns, using them, how would you describe your readers?


How about a Brigade of Bookworms.


Thank you so much for being with me this week Deborah. I look forward to hearing more from you. I’ll be checking in with your blog and website to see what’s new. I invite everyone to keep your eyes open for an upcoming book in 2009.


Thank you for having me, Dianne. You can find out more at me websites:



My Guest Deborah Ramos

Welcome to my guest author, Deborah Ramos

Deborah Ramos enjoying a sunny day in Seattle
Deborah Ramos enjoying a sunny day in Seattle





Thank you for being with me this week Deborah. You are a talented writer that offers good reading for children of all ages. Tell me a little about yourself.


I’m a mother, grandmother, teacher and animal lover – including a pet snake. I’ve always loved words and combinations of words.


What is your favorite word combination?


I love collective nouns. I think the most interesting one is an Escargatoire of Snails. I imagine a little snail party crawling in circles on a plate. I love a Pandemonium of Parrots; can’t you just hear them squawking in the trees? What an image that conjures up.


What got you started in writing about collective nouns?


I was writing a story about Africa, and in my research, I found a website that listed animals in alphabetical order, along with their group name. It sparked an interest, and I dug deeper. Group names can bring to mind such interesting images, such as a prickling of porcupines; you can almost FEEL those, pokey, prickly quills.


Do you have a lot of pets at home?


I’ve always had pets growing up. And I have quite a collection now. I have two cats, two noisy parakeets, a variety of tropical fish, and a ball python named Mercury. Mercury sheds his skin and donates it to my art projects.



Thanks for coming today, Deborah. I look forward to chatting with you on Wednesday about your works in progress and your upcoming release in 2009.


Thanks for having me.